International Solidarity

Since launching this site I've recieved quite a few emails reaching out to me in solidarity, looking to help and full of ideas and messages of hope. If you'd like to contribute just email me and I'll put your message up. ghostofblanqui AT

An Open Letter from Russian Comrades
Wow! You did it! You pushed the states authority away, and created a space where people can self-govern and ideally create a better model through the freedom of political experimentation. I understand an enormous amount of things are being mischaracterized and blatantly lied about through corporate media, but in spite of that your protest area gives me an enormous amount of hope!
I see a lot of advice that you're getting comes from Marx-Leninists, and I'm absolutely opposed to vanguard ruling parties, bolshevism and involuntary collectivization, and with the way that the US propaganda has vilified communism taking the ML's advice would be suicidal.
Based on your statements about local small businesses, the ML line of reasoning would do a lot to alienate that community solidarity. If you're looking for ideas and reference material I feel like "Social ecology" "Permaculture" "mutualism" and localization in general are extremely worthwhile concepts to look into.
As for authors and literature, I highly recommend Murry Bookchin, Peter Kropotkin to name a few. There's also an angle you could play to appeal to the "American Patriot" types, by heavily referencing Thomas Paine, who appears to have actually been a genuine anarchist. If you're under threat from so-called "Patriotic Americans" the Thomas Paine quotes and rhetoric could theoretically go a long way towards diffusing that situation, in that you're presenting CHAZ as something that actually is genuinely in the spirit of the American Revolutionary tradition.
It could be argued the the American Revolution started with anarchist intentions, but got co-opted by the European Aristocrats who took credit for winning the Revolution, and convened the Constitutional Convention to hi-jack a genuine people's uprising to maintain their status and estates.
I wish you the best success possible, and I sincerely hope that you achieve your goals, and everyone in CHAZ remains safe, well fed, and healthy, and I would love to see something like this in every city in the US, and I hope that this turns into a massive local autonomy movement that never actually gets declared as "insurrectionary". If your prototype works, establishes a new definition of "stability" and can avoid a Federal Crackdown, than people will be eager to repeat the experiment in their own communities, and this could end-up reorganizing the entire continent and governing structure.
I don't see you as an insurrection at all, but a political experiment that's simply demanding an enormous amount of reforms that would fundamentally change how this nation operates for the better.
I look forward to seeing how this plays out, and I wish for all of you complete success, peace and prosperity.
- Don, Pittsburgh PA
I don’t know what people in your commune are, what your political views are, but I understand that you, like many others, are not comfortable with the modern way of life.
I believe that many of you know, or perhaps have studied, the question of the USSR as the first attempt to create a just social and economic order on the territory of Russia in the 20th century. Great anti-Soviet propaganda has since passed around the world. They are lying! Many now say that the USSR was a mistake, but no one is studying the issue in detail. All our elderly people and young people dream of returning this system of state under a socialist principle. My associates understood and realized that socialism, which later goes into communism, is the only way forward for a just social and economic system
Please hear us ordinary citizens. The capitalists will not fulfill your requirements or hide your business. Trump will disperse you with tanks. I ask you to understand that your main task is to encourage people to realize that while we are all alive here, it is necessary to change everything now. You must create it yourself! You already have your commune, this is the first step. Now you must realize that you must organize everything from scratch. You must have food, clothing, weapons, a roof over your head. So that you can hold out and develop. You must attract new people from all over America, but for this you must have an idea of the future that will appeal to most Americans.
I suggest you familiarize yourself with the works of Karl Marx, Friedrich, who will scientifically explain what is happening in the world now and what it all leads to. Nobody will fulfill your requirements, since this contradicts the very nature of the capitalist system in the USA. The system will not kill itself. Your requirements are a dead end!
You must not require anyone to create your future. You must create it yourself! You already have your commune, this is the first step. Now you must realize that you must organize everything from scratch. You must have food, clothing, weapons, a roof over your head. So that you can hold out and develop. You must attract new people from all over America, but for this you must have an idea of the future that will appeal to most Americans. You must read the works of Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx and Lenin!
This is the foundation on which you can unite and from which you can push off in your struggle. And most importantly, you must understand that in the current system which the means of production are privately owned, there will be no justice and no one will truly fulfill your demands.
Good luck in your fight! We are in solidarity with you! I hope that our struggle will begin soon.
- K. Tulin, Leningrad
As man, who know something from marxism, I want to say you and other comrades, that bourgeoisie can't be good or bad, black or white. This is an objectively reactionary class. This applies to small businesses as well. I do not call for immediate nationalization in the CHAZ. It would be very untimely. But it is also not necessary to defend the interests of business - this is contrary to the interests of the proletariat. Small business should be seen only as a temporary ally, since it has slightly different class interests. We must understand that the bourgeoisie is primarily behind racism, and the bourgeois state is nothing more than it's instrument.
- Egor Pravdin, Rostov-on-Don
Comrades! This letter comes to you from Kyrgyzstan. We carefully monitored the situation in the USA and were very pleased with the creation of the commune in Seattle. We are glad that you were able to independently organize a commune and not be deceived by the propaganda of rightist and did not accept their attempts to turn the class conflict into racial.
We, the Communists of Kyrgyzstan, hope that you do not stop there and continue your work. After all, you were able to saddle the power of protests, you not allowed to seize the initiative by the right and you advanced with your cause no matter what. You were able to organize security on your streets without the state police, you began to help those who, under capitalism, appeared on the street and were thrown out of the system. Read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and spread knowledge, educate people, spread ideas of freedom from exploitation and equality. Hold meetings, rallies, political circles, teach and share knowledge with everyone. Conduct explanatory work with all members of the commune; do not allow the rightists to seize the initiative and throw everything into a "racial conflict."
You have the experience of many communist and leftist movements, and you also have a good theoretical basis for the realization of all your goals. You proved that you can do without a modern bourgeois and repressive state, which is ready to throw out of the system anyone who does not want to live by the rules of capitalism.
While the right wing defends the regressive ideas of dictatorship and inequality, you are trying to build a fair and healthy society with direct democracy and horizontal relations in society. You have given a worthy example of self-organization and struggle for all the oppressed of this world.
Бардык өлкөлөрдүн пролетарлары, бириккиле! [Bardık ölkölördün proletarları, birikkile!] Workers of the world, unite!
- Zvutsky Isay, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, member of the KYRGSOC movement
Is it an option that CHAZ might ask for a more allowing and informational system for neurodiverse students? Now seems like a good time to fix as much as is possible, and I feel that those with conditions like ADHD and autism would definitely benefit from more awareness.
- Ben
I am incredibly proud of those who have reclaimed the area in capital hill and established CHAZ.
As the rest of the country watches you stake your claim to that land please know that you have so many out there who support you and want to see you succeed (and want to see other independent zones like CHAZ across the nation). Please let me know what can be done remotely to support and protect this space and the people who occupy it.
- Rachel, Santa Cruz CA
Hello, I've been watching some developments in Seattle from Los Angeles and it's really inspirational to see how you've revolutionized your city and taken CHAZ for the community and people. I wish it was easier to rally LA residents so we could take back our city hall and get the mayor to answer for his crimes. Just know you have my full support and I hope you all very prosperous outcomes. Keep fighting the good fight ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
- Miguel S.
I'm contacting you anonymously from the United Kingdom to tell you that I think you guys are doing a great job in CHAZ. It's showing that the community, when taking matters into its own hands, can create something truly wonderful. It's good to see that even without a police force, the zone has managed to maintain order and tranquility. No matter the lies being circulated about you by far-right propagandists, I'll always believe that my Comrades in CHAZ can and will make a difference.
From deep in the maw of the beast, here in DC, we from '68 and Occupy, hope you uncover ways to create a politics of love strong enough to build community institutions that carry us all into the democratic Commons.
- David
I want to take a moment to reach out to the denizens of CHAZ to offer my solidarity and support, and perhaps a bit of advice, whatever it is worth. History is being made in this moment, and even though major media will never report what is happening accurately, those who care will find the truth: so please, for the sake of the future not just of the United States, but the entire world, make it a fantastic and powerful truth.
You have an opportunity that very few in the world will ever manage. You have the opportunity to present a high-visibility template to the world of an ideal society: a truly anarchist society. You know this I'm sure, but anarchy has nothing to do with chaos: it is the self-evident principle that power is NOT self justifying.
This principle has come in many flavors over the years, but the most powerful, impactful, and TRUE forms of anarchism have been those espoused by the nonviolent: Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Adin Ballou, and many, many others. Embody this. Learn about these thinkers. Read their works and write your own too. Read Noam Chomsky too; he is the best start for anarchism generally, and all his philosophy is on YouTube.
All of them were working toward the single truth that true anarchy not only thrives in a nonviolent society, but requires it. Through nonviolent resistance, all power systems of the world are helpless: for every human being knows deep in their guts that the powerful, those who exist by violence, whether it is physical, ideological, economic or otherwise, are morally bankrupt.
The nonviolent, the true anarchists, bear the greatest moral force in any argument. And you will remake the world if you continue to iterate and develop CHAZ with that moral force.
- In love and solidarity, Matthew
I just wanted to express all my solidarity for what you've done in Seattle, CHAZ is showing what the community can do when it's working for its own people. It is really groundbreaking to see it has no leaders and how you managed to organise and distribute resources to everyone. Also, you seem to have some great artists. I hope to see other autonomous zones across the US and in other parts of the world as well. The media in my country isn't really covering what's going on there, but i try to get all the information i can and to spread it as much as possible. You're doing a great job! Good luck from an italian comrade, keep fighting.
- Elisa
As an Anarchist from China, I would like to express my solidarity. If there's anything to support y'all in CHAZ through Internet please do not hesitate to make it known. May you win this struggle and be an aspiration to others.
Keep up the great work comrades. From USA and Russia, with love. Есть у революции начало, нет у революции конца.
chirp chirp!